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Name Elden Ring
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▼ About Your Play Experience

Long considered a myth and story legend, the Lands Between is a realm of a fantasy world where the majestic elden, the powerful and proud human race, live with the majesty of its grand history. These realm has been considered as a myth ever since the time of the emergence of the elden. Now, the strange lands have begun to change and the land where elden once lived has become the battlefield. Battle-hardened men clad in mysterious attire are appearing on the lands. Powerful beasts such as hammer wielders, acid wielders, and water wielders are terrorizing the lands, and the powerful elden, which used to be tamed, are displaying their hideousness. In the midst of all this, the young, young humanity is set on a race to save the elden from this fate. However, those humans have been losing because they cannot stand up against the power of the elden. The conflict between the humanity and elden is endless as well as cruel.

▼ A Place Where You Can Enjoy the Fantasy

The Lands Between are a fantasy world where you can enjoy the fantasy. The world is a vast, deep, and open, providing you with a completely different experience from the existing fantasy games. In the Lands Between, you can have a different kind of experience with the battles taking place in the fantasy world that represent the entire world.

▼ Strategies to Win

A series of battle quests for your character to achieve, such as rescuing the missing elves, joining a group, and achieving a high rank.
Powerful monsters, a vast variety of items, and an epic drama.
A world full of a charm that allows you to enjoy the fantasy in a new way.
Open-ended and complete quests.
Continuous battle quests in addition to the brief quest that you can complete as a new character.

▼ An Array of Items with Its Unique Characteristics

With an array of swords, axes, and staves in addition to the weapons already available in the Fantasy Action RPG, a variety of martial arts is also available. As an expression of your character, you can choose from a variety of swords, shields, and different kinds of armors with distinctive appearances.
Enchant these equipment to mix your favorite items with your style.
Battle-hardened equipment!
Equip headgear, armors, and weapons that increase your power to be able to use powerful weapons that cannot


Features Key:

  • Fantasy Action RPG:
    The classical fantasy role-playing experience in an action RPG setting, allowing you to r…Tue, 23 Feb 2015 03:26:24 +0000RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Ultimate Series Battle 18 Jan 2015 22:40:00 +0000>By Corey Fionda

    Battle is the culmination of Strategy RPGs, Dark:Universe and DOA games.

    Battle features three campaigns which provide various game content:

    Campaign 1:


    Story Mode


    Campaign 2:

    Story Mode




    Campaign 3:

    Action-RPG Mode


    Campaign 4:

    Action-RPG Mode


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    The game is being made on a dedicated project using a game engine tailored for games in this genre, using Unreal 4 technology.

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    In one word, we had the joy of gameplay on Tuesday and Wednesday. We showed that the development team had a lot of good performance.

    Performance 1:

    – Performance was good.

    – We primarily exhibited performance during battles.

    – We showed the graphics effects in an active battle.

    – The camera was slow in the first version. This is a bug that we’ll be fixing.

    – In the second version, we primarily showed the effects during battles.

    Performance 2:

    – Game speed was fast.

    – We mainly exhibited performance in the open world.

    – We changed to a new engine.

    – When we toured the graphics, the graphics were good.

    – We mainly demonstrated the new graphics.

    Performance 3:

    – We mainly demonstrated the new graphics and presentation.

    – We mainly exhibited the performance in presentation.

    – We showed the new lighting effects.

    Performance 4:

    – We mainly showed the unique design of the game.

    – We mainly demonstrated gameplay.

    – We mainly exhibited the performance in battles.

    Performance 5:

    – We mainly exhibited the fun of playing the game.

    – We mainly exhibited the gameplay of using the new battle system.

    – We mainly showed the character models.

    We’d like to give a big thanks to the CG staff who had hard work and dedication.

    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.In one word, we had the joy of gameplay on Tuesday and Wednesday. We showed that the development team had a lot of good performance.We mainly exhibited the graphics effects in an active battle. We mainly exhibited the performance in presentation. We mainly showed the unique design of the game.We mainly exhibited the fun of playing the game.We mainly exhibited the gameplay of using the new battle system.We mainly showed the character models.Performance 1:Play speed was fast.Game speed was fast.We mainly demonstrated the new lighting effects.We mainly showed the unique design of the game.We mainly demonstrated the fun of playing the game.We mainly exhibited the gameplay of using the new battle system.We mainly exhibited the performance in battles.We mainly exhibited the graphics effects in an


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Here are some important points to know for information ahead of the release.

    2018-02-10 Announcement Page

    All of our info, patches, and other announcements can be found on our website until the official release of Crown Championship 2018.

    As always, thank you for your support of Crown and wish you an exciting journey to become an Elden Lord of Tarnished!

    Currently Unavailable!

    Crown Championship 2018 will be temporarily unavailable from February 14 at 10pm until the release. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and consideration of this matter.

    It is unknown if the game will be available for download during this time. If availability is announced, we will update the below information.

    If this happens, the overall service will not be interrupted and we ask for your understanding as we closely prepare for the release. Based on your feedback, we will continue to improve the overall service quality.

    Crown Championship 2018 is a Fantasy Action RPG

    Crown Championship 2018 is an action RPG that lets you enjoy the surreal fantasy of a collaborative public game between players. You can enjoy the satisfaction of facing enemies, the excitement of battles, the pleasure of developing the character of your choice, and the enjoyment of overcoming all difficulties. While exploring a large and beautiful world, we are making an additional step in the development of the fantasy setting, adding a new difficulty level, further refining the battle system, and adding a variety of new content such as rooms for purchase, daily quests, combat, and many more.

    However, the development of such an RPG is a difficult task. In that case, one of our main goals is to ensure that we can solve the issue as quickly as possible with improved protection, as well as a flexible and convenient online connection.

    In the meantime, we will work hard to


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    Note: If you do not have Steam installed, you can download it from the official website Steam ( If you do not have it, please, download from it.

    In Steam, go to Library (upper left of your Library);

    Select “My games”;

    Select “installed games”;

    Select “Activate a product on Steam”;

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    Open the game;

    Select “Continue playing” or “Play”;

    Enjoy!/* MACHINE_HEADER */

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    #define MACHINE_HEADER_IS_VALID 0x0001
    #define MACHINE_HEADER_NEEDS_RGB 0x0004

    typedef struct machine_header {
    uavox_color_t mColor;
    } machine_header_t;

    #endif /* _MACHINE_HEADER_H_ */
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.
    * 3 GB RAM, 500 MB available disk space, DirectX 9.0 or later
    * Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher
    * Internet connection is required for software activation.
    1. Introduction
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