Uses of the trencher Machine and its Working

How does a trencher work and what are its uses?

What is a trencher?

To understand what a trencher is, one needs to understand what exactly a trench is. Have you ever heard of the Mariana trench, which is the deepest trench in the world?

Well, to be honest, the machines are not yet advanced enough to dig that deep. Jokes apart, the trencher digs a trench. So simple, isn’t it?

The trench is the narrow but deep canal, which takes a huge amount of manpower and time to dig.

The trencher has a chain that has sharp teeth attached to it. The chain, and so the teeth, rotates to dig the soil as a hacksaw cuts the pipe. Here is an image of it.

Autocracy Trenching Machine

Well, the problem statement is, we have observed complete autonomous trenching machines. These trench diggers are very expensive and they can only perform one job. So, the question struck us, how is this helpful?

That is how autocracy machinery started and today we evolved to have trenchers, posthole diggers, ditchers, and stand on all wheel drive vehicles. Our innovation doesn’t stop there and we build any sort of customized machine

To give an efficient solution we have developed trenchers which work as attachments to the tractors. These trench digging machines or otherwise trench digging attachments are portable, easy to install and easy to detach from the main vehicle.

The trencher is attached to the tractor with PTO, Power take off. This gives energy to the attachment. The PTO rotates the shaft and the motion transferred is varied with the help of our high performance gear box. The shaft has a fixed pinion, on which the chain rotates as the shaft does. As the chain does, so do the blades and they rip off the soil and dig an accurate trench.

The trenchers at autocracy machinery are highly precise and efficient. To the matter of fact they can dig up to 2 meters depth and 2 feet width, at a maximum working speed of 250 meters per hour.


See how the trenchers work by clicking here

Based on how they work, there are 2 main trenchers which are wheel trenchers and chain trenchers.

The wheel trenchers, as the name suggests, have a big toothed wheel, which rotates on the central axis and digs the trench whereas the chain trenchers have a chain to which the blades are attached. This makes us a bit clear that wheel trenchers can be used to cut rock as it is more stronger but to dig the soil, the best way would be chain trenchers as they are fast, efficient and precise. Also based on the working mode, there are walk-behind, stand-on/ride-on, and portable trenchers.

At Autocracy Machinery, we build all these types of trenchers. In chain type, we have single chain and double chain, each product line having 2 under the line. We have 2 stand-on vehicles, which are called Dhruva and Ananta.

Trenchers are the most efficient and effective digging solution for a variety of applications. Let us figure out how a trencher can be used!

For Irrigation: A trencher can be used to dig trenches for drainage. The long trenches can help farmers to harvest the rainwater. Doing the math, with a trench 2 meter deep and 0.5 meter wide and 300 meters long, a farmer can save 300000 liters of water.

For Construction: To build homes, one needs to dig trenches for foundation, water connection, and many more. For a contractor, who is building an apartment as such, having a trencher makes a huge difference in terms of time, cost and efficiency. 

For Companies: Gas, Oil, Telecommunication companies are a few of the companies which contribute to the country’s economy to a great extent. These companies will need to dig trenches very regularly for their businesses.

For Landscaping: The plants and trees in the garden have their roots go a long way. The roots need to be cut so as to maintain the landscape. Trencher can do this job for you.

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