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Additional Information

Name Aqua Fish
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.31 / 5 ( 905 votes )
Update (13 days ago)




The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds is the first original full-length interactive novel in history. Since its release in 2016, it has garnered rave reviews and has become a cult favorite.
With the release of Shattered Worlds, The Superlatives setting is back. The Superlatives are the official literary team that works with Alice Ripley to publish her interactive novels, and we’re thrilled to bring this amazing experience to a new generation.
It features five branches and a branching path system to find what makes each character unique, and an additional branching path system to play any of the four characters as a gender other than the one you started as.
Superlatives: Shattered Worlds is also available in a six-episode video series, which is fully narrated by Alice Ripley, and is released as an additional interactive novel after the base game has been released.
Below are more in-depth details about The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds, and we encourage you to read the review before you download the game.
Gameplay Options Every character plays differently – learn what will work best for you!
General Settings Change the rules of the game.
General Book Settings For a more immersive game experience, you can switch up the themes and scenes that the game attempts to emulate.
Dialogue Settings Allows you to decide how people will talk to each other, how they will react to your choices, and what they will say when confronted with questions. You’ll discover powerful new ways to display your characters’ personalities as you play through a variety of settings.
Content Settings Determines who controls what character or setting elements.
Text Page Settings Setting the page layout on a text page will change the way the game plays.
Scene Settings Sets up the starting scene for the story or the ending.
Character Settings Defines each character’s appearance and rules of play.
Branching The game will dictate which characters you can go deeper into using their own unique branching paths
Publication The Superlatives Setting
The Superlatives Setting: The setting that the story takes place in is a fictional solar system, where four inhabited planets orbit a star. The story begins in the on the planet Victoria, of the Victoria Cluster.
The story picks up after the events of Aetherfall, which is part of The Superlatives: Aetherfall series of games.
The Superlatives are the official literary team that works with Alice Ripley to publish her interactive novels. This game is the first original full-length interactive novel in history.


Additional Information

Name Aqua Fish
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.31 / 5 ( 905 votes )
Update (13 days ago)


Aqua Fish Features Key:

  • Navigate the windy islands of the open seas
  • Follow the island guides on the map
  • Use the boost to switch from the size 4 to bigger sizes (on most islands)
  • Supports both mouse and touch screens
  • Supports both landscape and portrait orientations
  • Easy to use
  • Worst case scenario: all the letters of the alphabet
  • Standard scenario: any word
  • Word Scenario: any word longer than a letter
  • Ultrasimple Scenario: any word longer than 2 letters
  • Triangle Scenario: any word longer than 3 letters


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Narcissu is a game about tragic, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, sometimes comical, sometimes sad experiences and the people and places related to them.
The game also explores experiences of illness and disability. Narcissu is not a linear game. It is designed to make players reflect on their experiences as they play the game.
– Different experiences will be triggered each time you play the game.- Narcissus, the player, will remember his previous experiences in the game.
– Narcissu will be the focus throughout the game and the player will read the story as if he were Narcissus.
The main character of the story is Narcissus, whose heart was standing still and the boy whose breath was being stolen away.
Narcissu’s themes are suffering, death, illness, disability, life and death, sadness, happiness, hope, hopelessness, sensitivity, resistance, revolution, freedom, tyranny, living, survival, religion, reason, sensory memory, disease, life, time and love.
The gameplay is about exploring these themes, learning from your experiences and writing about them.
If your device freezes when you play, try powering off and back on again.
If you can’t remember a story, you can try ‘experience replay’ or save as a midi file.
(you can also skip the game stories and save your progress at any point).
Narcissu has over 10,000 words of text!
This is a board game, a reading/writing/art activity.
You can choose to read and/or write about your experiences.
I believe that it is more interesting to reflect on your experiences, than to take a passive role in the game.
You can also play as Narcissus in your next human encounter.
and have him/her react to your reading.
Analyses of Narcissus’s neurological condition and symptomatology are also included (Narcissus’s medical files).
The duration of the game can vary greatly depending on your reading and writing speed.
It can be a few hours, a few days, or even longer.
The playtime is estimated to be around 6-8 hours.
If you are a writer, you might want to think about different themes, styles, and voices.
If you are a reader, you might want to think about what is important to you in a story, what details you want to use.
You might be able to find inspiration through


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1. Choose your Fighter (1 fighter = 1 player)
2. Choose your mission
3. Join the campaign…More Features:
Support all languages.
Drop rate will depend on your performance during the mission.
Support all map types like mountain, desert, island and city.
Environments can interact with the missions, for example, building can be a fire…
All missions will be played in order.
All missions will end.
The Player Scores will be placed at the end of all missions.
When you fail a mission, you will lose all Fighter’s and all credit
Fighters can be used as a ship or dropped at your destination
The player can tell the program to take off or land using the flight model
All Fighter’s can control their course using the flight model
Help for your Tour in the city map
Game Settings are saved automatically
You can choose the difficulty and the time of the mission
The fog of war can be disabled
You can change the missions for your own missions
You can change the Fighter’s
You can choose other missions to play
You can choose the player’s skill level
…Many many many more…Download:

What is included:- Game: Mission Pack 004 – 6 missions- Game: Campaign – 5 maps- Artefacts: 2 maps and 2 level design kits (6 stages in total)
Game: “Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!”
Japenese programmer Muto (creator of Gunslayer) take some experience of his classic air combat game, Gunslayer, and used this experience to create an air combat shooter. The game is similar to Gunslayer, as it’s a very mobile first air combat title, and it’s really fun!
– Story Mode
Story mode will be played on 5 maps.
There will be 5 maps, 2 player co-op maps, and 1 player only map.
The missions will be played in 5 stages.
– Multiplayer
2 players can fight against each other in 2 player co-op game.
– Time Attack
You can set the time to play time attack, and you can see your attack score on the air map.
– Mission settings
You can change the time in story mode, you can choose if the missions are play along with the story or not, and you can choose the


What’s new in Aqua Fish:

    points: Indonesia has grown to be Asia’s largest economy, although it has experienced a transformation, but there is still room for sustainable growthEconomic growth is now slower that expected, but this concerns only only a growth of around 1.5%


    “The country (Indonesia) has shown good efforts to raise economic activities and the growth rate of around 7% – a little bit lower than the 8.5% predicted. But it has a several of challenges to confront like the growth of debt /GDP ratio, which is now around 75% from the 34%. There is a fragile state of the financial sector and growth is hampered by weak infrastructure, workers not ready to be risk takers, government and governance issues and weak institutions. The country is trying to develop its agriculture sector through the medium and long term program of the government, with a paradigm shift from the current model of focus on fast catching up growth, to focus on mitigation strategies and risk management actions. For that needs massive investments and a new budget to compensate the government deficit likely to affect in the short term the sovereign credit ratings of government which are still in BBB-“. Estimations, Apr. 2016

    Approach and key concepts and assumptions: Indonesia (or more broadly the Indonesian archipelago) is an archipelago situated in Southeast Asia which holds 10,440 islands. The archipelago’s 2010 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is estimated at $330 billion. With a population of around 204 million, Indonesia became an industrialised country in 1975 and is a now a big market economy.

    When assessing economic growth and forecasting, many factors are considered. In this case, we used ata least the following aspects:1. the GDP will grow by around 5% over the next ten years2. GDP will increase by 3.5% over the next few years.3. the government will devote resources to the health sector to improve disease treatment and life expectancy.4. population growth will slow from 3% to 2% per year.5. the poverty rate will fall to around 7% from 14% currently.6. about 86 million people who are migrants will return to the place of origin over the next few years.7. the quality of Indonesia’s GDP level is higher than China’s.8. at least 46% of the population lives in urban areas9. at least 44% of the population lives in rural areas (SRISK)10. more than 500


    Free Aqua Fish Crack [Mac/Win]

    The game begins with creating your own character. Try to design a good looking polar explorer who can cope with the harsh living conditions.

    At the beginning the game is played with the free “realistic” settings, but later we will introduce new settings which will change the game play.

    For solving some tasks you have to find the “right” way. Thus, you have a choice between different settings that can be modified later. But sometimes you can solve tasks in a non-linear way. For example, you can build a ladder, then start searching for a hole.

    The game tries to simulate the real life conditions for polar explorers. We don’t know how good it is at the moment, but we hope that it will be interesting for you.

    The game is not obligatory, but it will be great if it is. Unfortunately, we will not be able to use all the money we have planned to make this game.

    Some really nice graphics have been made, each material and object has been created as if it was real. There are a lot of them, we hope you will be fascinated and enjoy the game.

    We are sure that even the engine is not particularly difficult to learn and study.

    How To Play:

    The game can be played on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It was tested on PC and works good on mobile devices, too.

    You have to control your polar friend with just your finger. Unfortunately, we still cannot offer mouse or joystick support, but a gamepad would be OK as long as it is connected to the PC.

    We have used the real life models for the town area, so no blurry graphics. You will be able to see the difference with setting “realistic” or “anti-aliased”.

    If it is not the game, we will be really disappointed.

    We do not want you to play the game with easy settings, it’s impossible to play this way. Therefore, we have added a difficulty level “Normal”, “Hard”, and a hard mode “Extreme”. But you can change these settings whenever you want, just open the settings.

    “Normal” setting works as in other real time strategy games. You can build a lot of objects, only some of them will help you, so you have to use your brain, to manage your situation.

    “Hard” setting works differently. On each map you have a limited amount of time that you


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System Requirements For Aqua Fish:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (64-bit)
30 GB of available hard disk space
NVIDIA GTX 460 or equivalent
NVIDIA CUDA with Compute Capability 2.0 or greater
DirectX 9.0c
Ubuntu 15.04 or newer
Important: There

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