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A+ Folder Locker ➝

A+ Folder Locker is a lightweight application whose purpose is to help you create secure vaults where you can add sensitive files and folders so other users cannot gain access to them. In addition, you can mask and hide data by embedding it into photos.
Create a new locker
The tool gives you the possibility to generate lockers by providing information about the name, location and size, as well as adding it into a predefined category (Personal or Work).
What’s more, you can pick the compression level (high, medium, low) and encrypt the content stored within the locker using different algorithms, such as 3DES, Blowfish, Cast128, Serpent, Tea, Twofish, and Ice.
You may protect the files and folders by setting up passwords based on text or pattern and enable the anti-hacking module that helps you automatically destruct the locker or disable the password login in case the password is enter incorrectly for a certain number of times.
What’s more, the tool is able to automatically lock the vault after a custom number of minutes of keyboard and mouse inactivity.
Encrypt files and folders
You can make use of the program’s encryption capabilities and secure your private files and folders. The items can be dragged and dropped directly in the main panel, and you are allowed to select the encryption algorithm and set up a password. Decrypting data can be done via the utility’s interface.
Data concealer, password wallet and file shredder
A+ Folder Locker offers you the option to hide sensitive information in images and apply an encryption algorithm, keep track of all your passwords in a wallet, and shred files from your computer.
General configuration settings
You can run the utility at Windows startup, password-protect the program in order to make sure other users don’t make changes to your settings, create custom categories where you can keep track of your lockers, as well as run the app in stealth mode.
Bottom line
All things considered, A+ Folder Locker comes with several handy security tools for helping you protect your private information against unauthorized viewing, and can be mastered by beginners and professionals alike.


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A+ Folder Locker Download

Put on your cape and you could be the world’s greatest detective. Detecting sensitive files and folders is just a mouse click away with A+ Folder Locker Crack Mac. You can drag and drop encrypted files and folders directly into the main window, and view their content. If you need to secretly encrypt files or folders, Cracked A+ Folder Locker With Keygen can be configured to store your passwords in a wallet. The tool can also automatically lock a vault after a certain amount of keyboard and mouse inactivity.

A+ Folder Locker Activation Code Key features:
Quick and intuitive, with beautiful bright graphics and a professional look and feel.
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A+ Folder Locker Activation Free

Secure sensitive files with the most popular lockers.
Create files, folders, and lockers that can contain text, binary, or even photos to hide sensitive data from being accessed.
Protect data by encoding into images with built-in security tools.
Protect data by encoding into pictures.
Encryption can be enabled for a defined number of tries, or for an infinite time.
The software is quick to launch.
Don’t let the appearance fool you. Its security features are as secure as a vault.
Create custom folders where you can keep track of your lockers.
Quickly encrypt/decrypt folders or files.
Quickly access your password wallet for your most sensitive accounts.
Use various password algorithms to create strong passwords.
Shred unimportant files to protect your privacy.
Run program in stealth mode, protecting your sensitive files from being deleted, changed, or accessed.
Program doesn’t slow down your computer.
No background noise and heat.
No big-brothering, no virus, no spyware.
No registries, no adware.
No hacks or cracks.
No keylogging, no keylogger, no mal-ware, no trojan.
No unauthorized access to your sensitive data.
Fast, simple and easy-to-use.
Detailed configuration settings.
Help menu.
Specify file extensions to protect from certain file formats.
Specify password rules.
You can use text or patterns for each password.
Password may be null.
Choose a different encryption algorithm.
Specific usernames can be excluded from encryption.
Unlimited failures can be set for each password.
Password can be self-destructed.
Unlock file/folder in 1-10 minutes.
Disable password login in case password is entered incorrectly a set number of times.
Connect to a network to unlock the files/folder.
Initiate file shredding.
Allow password to be entered only once.
Tell the application to start at startup.
Do not copy URL/text to clipboard.
Hide the application’s icon when active.
Hide the program’s icon in the taskbar when running in stealth mode.
The program doesn’t require administrator access.
How to install and use A+ Folder Locker?
Open the downloaded archive on your computer. Double-click the “settings.exe” icon that’s inside. Follow the

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A+ Folder Locker Overview:

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A+ Folder Locker Review

A+ Folder Locker

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Secure File Encryptor

Secure File Encryptor

Is there a version of this item that isn’t shown on this website? Yes

Secure File Encryptor is a free to use file encryption utility that can encrypt and protect files and folders, with or without passwords. You can use this tool to protect sensitive information you’d rather keep private, just don’t forget to use strong encryption algorithms like Blowfish, AES, Blowfish and others to keep it safe from hackers. Secure File Encryptor encrypts files or folder you select into one or more encrypted files or a single AES-encrypted file. To decrypt a file you need to know its encrypted filename and password.

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Standard features

Create encrypted folder or files with a single click.

Keep track of your encrypted files by marking them as favorite.

Drag and drop files or folders to the Encryptor window.

Add multiple files or folders into one folder.

Split encrypted files or folders into multiple parts.

Add text/dates/images into encrypted files.

Protect files and folders from deletion.

Open and Encrypt a file.

Unlock and Decrypt a file.

View information about your files and folders.

Delete encrypted files or folders.

Encrypt secured files and folders with password

Secure File Encryptor Scanner

Secure File Encryptor Description

Secure File Encryptor Review

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Secure File Encryptor Overview

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Don’t encrypt empty folders

Secure File Encryptor always encrypts your files or folders even if there is no content in them. For example, if you are encrypting a folder that contains a file called my_secret_file.txt, Secure File Encryptor will encrypt that file too.

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Play safe

When you encrypt a file or folder with password, Secure File Encryptor offers you the choice to keep that password until you enter the correct one. This means that you must keep your password as

What’s New In A Folder Locker?

A+ Folder Locker provides a secure, portable storage solution for your documents, photos, and videos.
You can easily create a locker by providing its name, address, and file size. Password for the locker can be set up based on text or a password pattern. The program will add the locker to predefined categories.
Create a locker
A+ Folder Locker can generate a locker for both personal and work use. So, you can create a locker from your main account or set up a different one for another one.
You can add sensitive documents, photos, and videos to the locker and encrypt them with the 4 most commonly used encryption algorithms.
A+ Folder Locker can be stealthily run in order to prevent other users from accessing the vault.

1.To create a locker, you have to provide the title of a locker, an address, and file size.
2.After that, you can select the category of the locker. The program allows you to create a locker from the Personal one or set up a different one for your work use.
3.You can add sensitive files and folders to the vault.
4.You can use a text or a password pattern to protect the locker with a password.
5.In case you want to protect the vault, you can lock it after a custom number of minutes of keyboard and mouse inactivity.
6.You can hide the vault from other users by setting up a password, and run the program in stealth mode.
Locker generator
A+ Folder Locker allows you to generate a locker from a provided text, you can also enter a password or a password pattern in order to protect the vault.
Data protect/redirector
A+ Folder Locker gives you the ability to conceal sensitive information from other users. Also, it can hide the protected data by applying a special way to hide it in images.
Folders shredder
A+ Folder Locker can shred sensitive files and folders, including temporary files, in order to prevent the sensitive information from prying eyes.
Password wallet
This encryption tool can help you create a password wallet by setting up a text for each password and entering the one you need to access in order to open the vault.
Continuous access
After you log in to the vault, A+ Folder Locker will give you continuous access to all your files and folders.
Protecting against hackers
You can protect the vault by running it

System Requirements:

– A Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.4.2/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8 operating system
– A mouse, keyboard, and basic understanding of the rules
– A graphical web browser such as IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or any other graphical browser that is capable of supporting HTML 3.2
– A DirectX enabled gamepad or a keyboard with a keyboard and mouse port

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