3 Reasons Why Renting a Trencher Will Save Your Time, Money & Efforts

The trencher has a chain that has sharp teeth attached to it. The chain, and so the teeth, rotates to dig the soil as a hacksaw cuts the pipe. Increase productivity with amazing Trencher Machines for sale available on Autocracy Machinery

The fact is, here in India, to dig a 4 feet deep, 1 feet wide, and say 100 meters long  pit, there are only 2 options in people’s mind. Get 10 laborers to do the job or bring up an excavator to do the same job.

The labors are no super humans and they take great amounts of time to do the job. Assuming, the 10 guys take 1 hour to dig a 10 meter long pit, which is highly improbable, of the same width and depth as above, they shall still need 10 hours to get the job done.

We can get the excavator to the site. It can do the job quickly. But, it just can not dig accurately and there might be chances that the pipelines under 4 feet are broken. Also, it digs so much soil around the workplace and makes it a tough job to refill the job. Also the oil consumed by the machine is also so high as it is a bigger machine.

As you can see these 2 cases are not best case scenarios. In the western countries, there are trenching machines, which are called trenchers. These machines can do the job in such a way that the cons from both the ways are nullified. Now, in India, Autocracy Machinery is the leading manufacturer of trenchers. The trenchers are customized to fit different types of tractors. 

Being a farmer or an individual household you will not need to buy a trencher of any size. But still you could not be delaying the job or spending more money on it. That is exactly why, Autocracy Machinery is establishing a rental platform where the consumer can post a job request and we will connect the consumer to the customer who already bought the right trencher from us.

Autocracy Trenching Machine

Here is why to rent a trencher and ditch digging

Save Your Efforts and Time: If you are digging all by yourself, then trust me you don’t have to do that anymore. Kindly spare the body from that painful job.
With the reduction in availability of  labor, the efforts procuring the right guys to do the job is very challenging. Though you find the right guy, digging any amount of trench by hand can be crushing work, particularly if the earth you’re working with is at all rocky or filled with obstacles like buried pavers or concrete chunks.

Controlled Digging: One needs to be very careful while digging the soil these days. There are wires and cables everywhere underground and you can not be too inaccurate to cut any of those lines and make more work for you.
The control of depth becomes very vital when we are digging for cable laying, as we want them at a certain depth so that the lines are not disturbed frequently.
Trenchers allow for control of both the path of your trench, and its depth. Digging to an exact depth by hand, however, is nearly impossible.

Cost effective solution: Trenchers which are manufactured to do the accurate and controlled digging have a low fuel rate consumption and also the costs of repair post trenching will be low. The human intervention will be very little and so it’s just the driver’s cost. So, as the costs are cut in multiple ways, renting a trencher for the job will be that right combination to save you money and time in multiple aspects.

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Smart Investment:

If you are a contractor, you already would have understood the benefits you can have by getting yourself a trencher. And if you want to rent a trencher, now you know why to rent a trencher. To find the right trencher for your job, read the article How to Choose the Right Trencher for your job: 3 Must Ask Questions Before You Trench

Save Money

The Key Takeaway:
At Autocracy Machinery we strive to do you a favor by saving your time and money. Now it’s time for you to play the part and do yourself a favor by getting the right trencher for your job.

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